Convergences Greece Forum

Opening Event | 1.4.19

Forum | 2.4.19

Under the Auspices of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr Prokopios Pavlopoulos

About Convergences Greece Forum

For the 1st time in Greece comes Convergences, the interactive and innovative forum that brings together opposing worlds for a good reason! The Convergences Greece Forum will take place in Athens on the 1 & 2 April 2019 at the historical theatre OLYMPIA and the Hub Events. Its main focus in on the UΝ Sustainable Development Goal 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities in order to promote the best practises taking place in Greece. It also aims to create the necessary environment for “convergences” so that we realise the ultimate goal: Greece with Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty! The Convergences Greece Forum is under the Auspices of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos. It is co-organised by the Convergences World Forum and the World Human Forum in collaboration with the UN Sustainable Network Solution Network Greece.

Synergies for a sustainable world!

Organisations, civil society groups, companies representatives from the private & public sector, media representatives, academics, students, citizens meet in a third space and while participating in an open dialogue, jointly seek solutions to the most important problems the country is facing.

For the first time everyone around the same table!

For example, the topic of the session is plastic pollution, the panel will consists of representatives of the companies that produce and use plastic, as well as environmentalists, activists and people who have found practical solutions to replace or reuse it!

The objective? the convergences of viewpoints on the most important problems the country is facing!

Convergences World Forum

Having France as its base, Convergences Forum is the first platform for thought, advocacy and mobilisation in Europe to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the development of a “Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty” World with more than 240 partner organisations participating each year! The Forum is held under the auspices of H.E. the President of the French Republic Mr. Emmanuel Macron

  • 5000 participants every year
  • 660 sessions in France & 4 more countries
  • 3040 speakers from all domains

Convergences Greece Forum
comes to life in Athens!

For the first time, the agenda will be created together with companies, institutions, academics and the public through an open call for proposals!

It will cover, through interactive sessions, all aspects of the topics discussed, so that the public gets a holistic and comprehensive picture of the problem and understands possible solutions.

It will present the best practices of people from different backgrounds and working everyday in different areas to have a positive impact on society.

It will provide participants with the ultimate opportunity for networking and exchange of ideas with humans working for a better future.

The goals
and THE Goal!

The United Nations has set 17 sustainable development goals aiming at protecting the planet and the well-being of all by 2030.

The Convergences Greece Forum will focus on goal 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities,while underlining the importance of goal 17 Partnerships for the Goals.

The ultimate Goal is A WORLD FULL OF ZERO’s

The Convergences Greece Forum
at a glance!

Perhaps the freshest and most interactive forum ever organised in Greece.

The Forum does not recycle the problems, but proposes sustainable solutions.

The Forum that brings together opposite worlds for a 3 Zero World!

The Forum that does not address only the experts, but all, who want to contribute to a better future.

The Agenda

Monday 1 April 2019

Convergences Greece Forum / Συγκλίσεις
Opening Event

OLYMPIA Municipality Music Theatre Maria Callas, 19:30

Alexandra Mitsotaki –Co-founder & President of the World Human Forum
Frédéric Roussel –Founder & President of Convergences World Forum
Stavros Benos - Founder and President of DIAZOMA citizens’ initiative

It can be done!Professor Stephen Hawking’s words set to music by Vangelis Papapthanasiou
Images by

Don Mullan – author, humanitarian, media producer

It can be done in Greece! -Screening

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber – Founder & Director Emeritus of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research 

Muhammad Yunus –Nobel Peace Prize - Economist, Social Entrepreneur, Founder of Grameen Bank -first promoted the concept of Microfinance.

Gina Belafonte – Co-director of the social justice organisation Sankofa founded by Harry Belafonte


Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Peace Prize, Economist, Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Grameen Bank

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber Director Emeritus & Founder of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Stavros Benos
President & Founder of DIAZOMA citizens’ initiative

Don Mullan,
Irish best-selling author/humanitarian and media producer

Alexandra Mitsotaki
President & Co-founder of World Human Forum

Frederic Roussel
Founder of Convergences World Forum | 10 Years of Converging!

Gina Belafonte
Co-director of the social justice organisation “Sankofa” founded by Harry Belafonte

Tuesday 2 April 2019

The 1st Convergences Greece Forum focuses on Sustainable Development Goal 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities. It combines it with its ultimate goal of a 3 Zero World, thus organising in the polymorphic area of ​​The Hub Events a number of parallel sessions so that participants can choose the ones they are most interested in.

a)Multiple Sessions: The interlocutors of each session, covering a wide range of different and many times opposing views, through fruitful discussions, agreements or disagreements, lead the participants interactively, to important conclusions and directly applicable solutions!

b) Marketplace: In the space of the interactive marketplace one will have the chance to contact startups with a social or environmental footprint, non-profit organisations, as well as bottom up citizens' initiatives that positively contribute to society, to the environment and to sustainable development.
Simultaneously, there will be a corner where the Sustainable Development Goals will be presented, alongside with micro sessions and projects from companies with a impactful Social Responsibility programme.



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